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Products :Custom versions of Garden Planner and Floor Planner:


Would you like a custom version of Garden Planner or Floor Planner on your web site?

Garden Planner, Smallblueprinter and FloorPlanner are produced by David Doull of Artifact Interactive.
Artifact Interactive can produce custom versions of these tools for your web site. The customisation can include allowing users to save designs to your web site, including custom sets of objects, including your branding, including non-english text and really anything you can think of.

Custom versions have been created for :

Home depot : landscape supply,
Burda Social Brands GmbH (German Garden magazine site),
DR TV (Danish television),
AO.DK (Danish online services)

Non English versions have included: Polish, German, Romanian and Danish.

If you are interested in a custom version of Garden Planner, Floor Planner or smallblueprinter please use the contact page.

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